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Kristelle's Story: Approaching Adulthood

My sixth grade year can best be described with the phrase "it's all down hill from here". My parents were separated and on​the verge of divorce, I was struggling with a puberty that wasn't happening the way I thought it was supposed to, and my school work was suffering. To quote the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire..."This is the story all about how my life got flip turned upside down." And it was the year I realized that Santa isn't "real".

So one mid-November day of that year I was sitting in class listening in on one classmate tease another because they still believed in Santa. I remember thinking "Hey, I believe in Santa... what's so bad about that?" The kid went on about how it's just your parents putting gifts they bought for you under the tree. 
I wasn't set to believe the kid right away, but I figured the claim was worth investigating... And if I knew my mom the way I thought I did... She would've already gotten a hea…

Profiles of Transgender Courage: Christine Jorgensen

Christine Jorgensen was an American, actress, nightclub singer, and transwoman. She was born May 30, 1926, as George William Jorgensen Jr. She was drafted into the U.S. Army during WWII and after serving attended several schools where she learned about sex-reassignment surgery. In 1951, she traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark and received special permission to receive a series of surgical procedures that started in 1951.

Shortly after her return to the United States, her transition made the front page of The New York Daily News and became an instant celebrity. She used this notoriety as a way to reach out to both advocate for and educate the community, about transpeople and the struggles they faced. She was well known for her wit and direct manner of speaking. She even once demanded an apology from then Vice-President Spiro Agnew for referring to another politician as "the Christine Jorgensen of the Republican Party", a request he refused.

 Jorgensen presented herself to the publi…

Kristelle's Story: Pubescence of a Closeted Teenage Transgirl

Puberty is a strange time for... pretty much everyone. Your body starts doing weird things, your emotions are all over the place, social anxieties arise among peers, and on top of all that... figuring out what dating is supposed to be about. Life as a teenager can be difficult, but even more so for a kid who is transgender.

Puberty for myself was particularly stressful. Again, I had all the typical stressors that coincide with puberty. Plus I had these... feelings I thought I couldn't tell anyone about. But also life at home was still tough.

My first class in family life (sex Ed.) happened in fifth grade. They gathered all the students from two classrooms, shoved them in one room and had a light discussion involving the differences between boys and girls.

Learning about some of the changes I'd go through was kinda exciting. I apparently had periods (whatever those were) to look forward to, boobs to grow...and uh what's this now about babies?

It was when those things starte…

Kristelle's Story: Childhood Dreams... and Nightmares

Last I left off with was a thought about how my mother's protective nature got progressively worse over time. Let me just explain how protective she was. My mother is a planner. She formulates a series of things that need to be done to create a certain outcome. Sometimes when the plans she makes aren't followed through, or the outcome isn't what she expected...she becomes upset. Which is fair... most of us can get upset when we don't get our way, especially about the things we most deeply want.

So one of the things my Mom really wants is to be seen as a good mother. How does she achieve that? By having well-behaved children, that are well clothed, and fed. So we had to be well behaved and my mom made parenting choices she thought would influence that. Sometimes she made these decisions from her own opinion and other times it was made as a result of something that we did as kids. For example, my mom decided that we shouldn't have cable in the house. Partially because…