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6 Songs You Didn't Realize Had Trans Themes (and maybe a couple you did)

Lola- The Kinks
The Kinks were an English rock band during the late 60's and early 70's. In 1970 they released one of their biggest hits "Lola" a tale about a young man who has an encounter with a suspected crossdresser in q club in Soho,  London. The writer of the song, Ray Davies, claims the song is based on a real experience of the band's manager, though alternate versions of the tale claim it was based on a real life experience of the band's drummer. Candy Says- The Velvet Underground
One of my favorite songs on this list was written by Lou Reed. Reed had a fascination with the underground community of crossdresser and transwomen.  "Candy Says" is a  song sung from the perspective of one such transwoman. She explains the dissatisfaction with her male body and how society imposed a male lifestyle as a result. The chorus is a hopeful outlook on her transition and alludes to the freedom she feels from living as her authentic self. Reed wrote and pe…

Trans 101: An Introduction to Transgenderism

There is a plethora of media attention surrounding the existence of transgender individuals, and a large portion of that coverage revolves around a lack of understanding and education as to just what being transgender means. It seems as though most of these stories revolve around transsexualism... that is, the desire to fully transition from one gender to another...socially and physically. However, there is so much more to what being transgender means.

For instance, there is quite a large variety of gender identities that fall under the umbrella term 'Transgender' and that list continues to evolve and grow. Gender non-conforming, trigender, two-spirit, agender, androgyne and transexual are just a few of the many labels people use to describe their gender identity. While each has differences from being a transexual, each "sub-category" encounters many of the same struggles and obstacles that people who identify as transexual experience. So, for the sake of simplicity, …

Profiles of Transgender Courage: Lili Elbe

To the left is "Lili with a feather duster", a painting done by Danish painter Gerda Wegener in 1920. The subject of the painting is Lili Elbe, who had been formerly known as Einar Wegener, Gerda's one-time husband.

Lili Elbe was a Danish transwoman and one of the first confirmed recipients of sex reassignment surgery. In 1930 underwent three highly experimental surgical procedures to transition to female. A fourth surgery which was carried out the next year to implant a uterus, theoretically enabling her to have children. Complications occurred during the surgery. Afterward, her body rejected the uterus which led to an infection and subsequent cardiac arrest causing her death in June of 1931. The Danish Girl, a movie based on a fictionalized account of Lili's experiences starring Eddie Redmayne, was released in December 2015.(It's a fascinating piece, totally recommended.)

Before Lili's transition, she sought medical help and advice from a plethora of sexologi…

Kristelle's Story: Intro

Hi, I'm Kristelle and I'm a transwoman. You may be one of the "normal" people and you're sitting there wondering just how one comes to the realization that they are trans. You may be confused as to what trans is or even merely curious at to what being trans entails. You may be trans yourself and seeking information, tips, and advice on one of a plethora of subjects that surrounds who you are. Well, that's kinda why I'm building this website. I'm putting together as much information on the trans experience as I can, building off knowledge from the medical and research communities, experiences of other transpeople in the LGBT community, and my own personal experience.

For now, I'm going to stick with a bit of my personal story. I'll start at the beginning and label each post "Kristelle's Story", that way you can catch up whenever you like.|

So my story begins in 1987, the year in which I was conceived. My mother was around 22 at the…